School Supplies

School Supply List 22-23

Students will carry these items daily, and replace throughout the school year as needed:

  • One - 2 inch binder 

  • 1 Package of dividers 

  • Elmer’s Jumbo Glue Sticks (3 pack)

  • Two - 1 subject notebooks with a pocket

  • Scotch Tape

  • Colored Pencils

  • Highlighters (pink, yellow, blue, green)

  • Loose Leaf Paper

  • Construction Paper

  • Pencils

  • Pens (blue, black, red)

  • Paper Towels

  • Kleenex

  • Disinfecting Wipes

  • Marble Composition Notebook (6th and 8th grade only)

  • Graph Paper 

  • Pencil Pouch 

  • One Pencil Sharpener with shavings holder 

  • Safety Scissors

  • Earbuds/Earphones compatible with appropriate device (most use Chromebooks in class)

  • One - Pocket folder (8th grade only)

  • Sticky Notes

  • Advanced Science only: One package of colored copy paper 

*Teachers may request additional supplies to meet the needs of their content area. 

*Elective teachers will discuss their supply lists the first week of school.