The list of students below are eligible to join the Archery Club. Our first practice will be this Tuesday, October 19th. A practice schedule, a physical, and additional information about fees will be sent home on that day.
Side note: If you do not see your name, know that the YDMS Archery Club will host clinics throughout the year for all students where you can further your skill – club membership not required!

  • Marleigh Brown

  • Ryder Deacon

  • Crosby Dobson

  • Kaden Ellerbe

  • Carter Gabucci

  • Eli Gonzales

  • Aiden Hall

  • Braxton Heffern

  • Oliver Hollis

  • Amelia Kennedy

  • Chad LaBeau

  • James Lucas May

  • Josiah Murray

  • Jayden Obermeyer

  • Tyler Reich

  • It’tona Swiney

  • O’nesti Washington

Join our tryout REMIND class for tryout updates by texting @bbafgh to the number 81010

The second round of tryouts will occur this Thursday and Friday – October 6th and 7th after school-6pm. A list of students eligible for the 2nd round of tryouts is posted below.

ONLY STUDENTS LISTED BELOW MAY TRYOUT IN THE SECOND ROUND. If your name appears on the list below use THIS LINK to sign up for the second round of tryouts. 

Tryout Information:

Informational/Interest Zoom Meeting – September 24th at 4:30pm – Click this link to join the Zoom
Join our tryout REMIND class for tryout updates by texting @bbafgh to the number 81010

  • If you are interested in trying our for Archery Club, sign up for our first round of tryouts here. YOU MUST BE SIGNED UP ONLINE TO ATTEND THE FIRST ROUND OF TRYOUTS!!!

    • There will be two rounds of tryouts.

    • Round 1 of tryouts will occur September 29th-October 1st from 4-6pm

  • Round 2 Criteria: Students who have no discipline issues, no failing grades, and pass the preliminary Archery Rules Test will be allowed to partake in the second round of tryouts.

  • A list of students who are allowed to participate in the second round of tryouts will be posted on this page and in Remind by Monday, October 4th. Once a list has been posted, those students will be able to sign up for the second round of tryouts using sign up genius here.

  • The second round of tryouts will occur during the second week of October.

Club Information:

Archery Club runs from October-January. We practice through those months for our regional tournament that usually occurs on January 4th. The Archery Club will also compete in multiple in-house tournaments. Additional/optional tournaments may occur that may include additional fees. Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays this year from 4pm-5:30pm in the school’s cafeteria, and sometimes in the gym. Students do not need their own equipment to participate but are welcome to bring their own regulation bows. The club fee covers a t-shirt, equipment upkeep, and tournament fees.

Club members are expected to attend most practices, attend the regional tournament in January, to be picked up on time, to pass all classes, and to have no major discipline issues.

Club Fee: $50 (additional tournament fees may occur)

Time: Tuesdays/Thursdays from 4pm-5:30pm

Where: YDMS Cafeteria

The YDMS archery team is based on the National Archery in the Schools Program [NASP®]. It is international, Olympic style target archery. The program is highly structured with close and direct supervision. To be clear, this is not a hunting program. Per NASP® regulations, the sport focuses on safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration, physical fitness, and self-improvement. Students are encouraged to focus on 11 steps to archery success, based on form and shot execution; it’s more than just arrow scores. Students shoot indoors at 80 cm bulls-eye targets placed in front of an arrow curtain. Shooting distances are 10 meters and 15 meters.

This is the sixth year for the program and the major focus is building the interest and skill for archery with intent to compete locally and at the state level or higher!