Syllabus note: The art fee is now included in the school instructional fee.

Patricia Mason

Patricia Mason

Patricia Mason is a National Board Certified teacher, with a Master of Arts + an additional 30 graduate hours. She has taught at Youree since 1995.

Mrs. Mason teaches Beginning Art, as well as Advanced Art classes for high school credit.

WELCOME to ART! ART is 3-year program covering (1) ANCIENT, (2) MIDDLE, and (3) MODERN ART. Students create a variety of art projects related to the life, art, and culture of each period.

In 2019-2020, students studied Medieval and Renaissance and Impressionist art. They created illuminated manuscripts, clay gargoyles, castles, cathedrals, Renaissance drawings, Impressionist pastels, mosaic paintings, and more!

In November 2019, students took an architectural field trip to visit Romanesque, Gothic, Victorian, and Art Deco structures, and toured an historic graveyard.

Youree students won “Best of Show” at the 2019 “Christmas in Roseland” Christmas card contest, and the “Student Created” Christmas door decoration!

Each year, Youree students compete at ArtBreak, the largest youth art festival of its kind in the South!

Students won the following prestigious awards at the 2019 ArtBreak Festival:

  • MS Portfolio Winner: Logan McQueen

  • MS Portfolio Finalist: Jadyn Green

  • Best MS Printmaking Award: Kelcy Stewart

  • Best MS Black & White Drawing Award: Yezzica Guajardo

  • Best MS Pastel: Xaxin Lin

  • Best of Level 6 (Talented Arts): Emily Warhurst

  • VSAF Literary Best of Show: Andrew Koch

  • Feist-Weiller Award: MacKenzie Erlinger

Logan’s award-winning MS Portfolio

Logan’s award-winning MS Portfolio

Art students won many awards for their showcase artwork!

Youree’s winning card for the 2018 Christmas in Roseland contest:


Students won the following prestigious awards at the 2018 ArtBreak:

  • MS Portfolio Winner: Jalen Smith

  • MS Portfolio Finalist: Jessica Askew

  • MS Portfolio Finalist: Cameron Dent

  • MS Portfolio Finalist: Hannah Francis

  • Best of 8th Grade Award: Aya Awad

  • Best MS Collage Award: Kaden Harris

  • Best MS Pastel Award: Alexa Lundblade

  • Best MS Painting: Jadyn Green

  • Image of ArtBreak Award: Shelly Kerry

  • Feist-Weiller Award: Launah Gonzales

  • Feist-Weiller Award: Dennis Harris

  • Feist-Weiller Award: Alexa Lundblade