Food/Game Ticket Prices

tenative, still planning

FOOD,  # of Tickets

Nachos, 4

Drinks, 2

Snowcones, 3

Pizza, 2/slice

Sweet shop, 2

Games, # of Tickets

Sucker Pull, 1

Football Toss, 1

Balloon Pop, 1

Toilet Paper Toss, 1

Dunking Booth, 3

Bean Bag Toss, 1

Cake Walk, 2

Pumpkin Bowling, 1

Pumpkins in a Row, 1

Fishing, 1

Face Painting, 2

Photo Booth, 2

Jail, 1

Grand Prize Game, 1

Musical Chairs, 1

Hayride, 3

Free Throw, 1

Hi Striker, 2

Ninja Wall, 4

Mega Obstacle Course, 3

Skeeball, 2

Basketball, 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do student need to purchase items in order to attend?

No, students do not need to purchase anything to attend. If they would like to purchase food or play games/activities, they would need to purchase items.

What is the deadline to order a carnival shirt? When will students receive shirts? Will the shirt be considered a uniform shirt in the future?

  • Shirts must be ordered on Local Level by October 7th. There will not be any extra shirts available to be purchased after this date.

  • Carnival shirts will be delivered to students Wednesday, October 26.

  • The carnival shirt is considered a uniform shirt and may be worn in the future.

What is the deadline to order a wristband?

Wristbands must be ordered on Local Level by October 25th. Wristbands will not be available to purchase the day of the carnival.

Will tickets be available on the day of the carnival?

Yes, tickets will be sold the day of the carnival. They are also available for purchase on Local Level through October 25th. Tickets will be delivered to students to morning of the carnival.

Will leftover tickets be able to be used at future events?

No, any tickets purchased will need to be used at the carnival.

My student rides a bus. Will there be transportation available at the end of the carnival?

No, students will need to make arrangements to be picked up by 5:30 p.m. or leave on their bus at 3:25 p.m.

Can parents/siblings come?

This event will be open to the public at 3:30 p.m.

What is the "No Go" list and how to I know if my child is on it?

Students on the No Go list are unable to attend this activity. Students are placed on the No Go List for breaking their behavior contract or for having unpaid fines/fees. Teacher will inform students beginning October 3rd if they are on the No Go list. The No Go list will also be printed and posted across from office and updated regularly. Students are able to come off the No Go list if the infraction is resolved, as long as it is not discipline related.

Will refunds be available?

There will be no refunds for this fundraiser.